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Mikros Systems Corp. ( MKRS )

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What happens when you combine a 12 cent break out chart with a 34 year old company
works with the Department of Defense?

You get a profit making opportunity unlike any other

“Government contracts are one of the best sources for revenues for any small business.”

This would explain why MKRS has been in the black year over year and showing gains.

MKRS Revenues for 2012

When a company focuses on business development and growth, numbers like this are easy to show.

So why is the price of the stock only at 12 cent?

Could be for the same reason MKRS has shown profits YOY, as they are focused on growing their company and
upholding the contracts.

Can you imagine what could happen to the stock price if investors come across this hidden gem?

Quarterly statement like those MKRS has shown are hard to come by these days on the OTC market and this is why we are
putting MKRS on high alert.

But hold on, it gets better:

MKRS chart is in a consolidation break out patter that showed a plositve up trend confirmation yesterday giving traders the green light.

MKRS Chart Edited
What is even more impressive is that last time this pattern occurred on this very stock it ran up over 200%

Who is MKRS:

Mikros has developed, delivered, and installed military-grade equipment to Federal customers for more than 30 years and
understands the unique engineering and logistical requirements of fielding and supporting electronic equipment to the
Federal government.

To sum it up, MKRS technology helps our troops communicate and coordinate better on the battlefield.


Network Vulnerability to Electronic Attack (NVEA) is a software simulation tool which models tactical data links in
a hostile electromagnetic environment, and allows evaluation of network performance throughout a planned mission scenario. ”

MKRS Image 1

MKRS has several needed capabilities:

  • Technology Management
  • Electronic Systems Engineering and integration
  • Radar Systems Engineering
  • Combat / Command and Control Communications
  • Computers and Intelligence (C4I) Systems Engineering

To make it even more attractive, through several U.S. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards
they developed and fielded the AN/USQ-120 Multi-Frequency Link-11 Data Terminal Set being used today by the U.S. NAVY

This milestone caused MKRS to shift their core business towards commercial wireless communications.

Creating an even stronger revenue stream which may complement the current 34% Net Income increase.

Start your research on MKRS right away as this could be an explosive opportunity.

Remember, trade smart, use stop losses and if you happen to see your self in profits, it could be wise to take advantage of the situation.





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